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Prof. Václav HAMPL, PhD.
Charles University in Prague
     Department of Physiology, Second Faculty of Medicine
This website contains information about my professional life (summarized in my CV). As in most university teachers, my work includes 3 main aspects:

Research: I am a physiologist interested in regulation of the pulmonary and fetoplacental circulations, particularly during hypoxia, and the role of the endothelium (especially nitric oxide, NO).
My research publications (link to the international database MedLine, with abstracts and links to full text)
Our current research activity can be seen from our recent abstracts.
My PhD students
My teaching materials for physiology for medical students:
Peripheral circulation I - physiology of the vascular wall (česky; english)
Peripheral circulation II - organ vascular beds (česky; english)
Pulmonary circulation, ventilation/perfusion ratio (česky; english)
Motility of the gastrointestinal tract (česky; english)
Introduction to the physiology of the endocrine glands (česky; english)
Nitric oxide (česky; english)
Physiology of extreme conditions (česky; english ~10 MB!)

Administrative duties: Since February 2006 I am a rector of Charles University in Prague. I am a vice-president of the Czech Rectors' Conference responsible for external relations.